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1022 West Johnson Street • Madison, WI 53715
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Your walk to class is no longer a walk.

Live a few seconds to a few minutes away from everywhere you need and want to be. In fact, Grand Central puts you more centered to classes, Camp Randall, Kohl Center, the Union, Regent Street and State Street. (Oh the joy of sleeping longer without missing a thing).

  • 40 seconds or less:
    Educational Science
    Noland Hall
  • 80 seconds or less:
    Grainger Hall
  • 115 seconds or less
  • 145 seconds or less:
    Computer Science
  • 200 seconds or less:
    Vilas Hall
  • 215 seconds or less:
    Bascom Hall
  • 275 seconds or less:
    Van Hise
    Medical Sciences
  • 300 seconds or less:
    Social Sciences
  • 330 seconds or less:
    Camp Randall
    Memorial Union
    Science Hall
    Helen C. White Library
  • 370 seconds or less:
    Memorial Library
    Bottom of State Street

* Times are approximated under normal walking speed and conditions, in some cases popular short cuts were taken. Your time may vary faster or slower. But really, you’re freakin’ close.


Grand Central
1022 West Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53715
Phone: 608.441.3400